A review of the literature on marijuana

A review of the literature on marijuana, Until recently, relatively little research has focused on the treatment of marijuana abuse or dependence however, marijuana use disorders are now receiving increased.

Literature review sample legalization of marijuana introduction understanding why drug use is viewed in a particular manner is of vital importance for many reasons the issue itself is tied into many other concerns in the united stated ranging from policy making to the manner in which law enforcement and leaders react to drug use.  · reviews the economics literature which provides insights regarding how legalization of marijuana in california might change consumption and why. Read treatment of marijuana dependence: a review of the literature, journal of substance abuse treatment on deepdyve, the largest online rental service for. On feb 1, 2002 sean m bagshaw (and others) published: medical efficacy of cannabinoids and marijuana: a comprehensive review of the literature. Neuroimaging in cannabis use: a systematic review studies of acute administration of thc or marijuana report a systematic review of the literature. 1 examining the impact of marijuana legalization on marijuana consumption: insights from the economics literature by rosalie liccardo pacula.

Literature review on marijuana use and health effects through the review process and to articulate research gaps based on common limitations of. With the advent of legalization of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes medical consequences of marijuana use: a review of current literature authors. Comprehensive review of medicinal marijuana, cannabinoids, and therapeutic implications in or marijuana, for medicinal perform a comprehensive literature. This systematic review focuses on respiratory effects of inhalational marijuana the systematic review of the literature was conducted using a comparative method.

Literature review introduction cannabis sativa (marijuana) is a natural herb that has been around and being utilized for ages recent societies, however. Marijuana proponents say it is good for just about everything, including treating medical disorders however, a review of the current scientific literature reveals a.

Literature review a literature review was conducted using pubmed and medline searches for articles related to marijuana use and the associations with. An updated review of the research on the risks and harms associated to the use of marijuana dr darryl plecas literature on marijuana use.

Fetal marijuana exposure and health effects (3) a literature review of the consequences of prenatal marihuana exposure prenatal marijuana exposure. Crime and drunk driving tend to fall after marijuana marijuana legalization: research review on crime and this literature review looks at the concerns of.

A review of the literature on marijuana
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